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Strangers & Sparks at Stecchino Bistro

“One idea or one person can change your life forever.”  -  Tom Hill

Stecchino BistroYou have an opportunity to learn, grow, teach, discover or connect – every day.  It’s up to you.  The poster child for this philosophy is author / storyteller George Davis, from Essex, NY.  I met George last winter at a Writer’s Digest Conference in New York City.  I sat in the hotel bar at the end of a session and made small talk, but my brain was in hyperdrive (Am I wasting my time here? Are the people at this conference as bizarre as they seem, or am I starting to channel my inner Hunter S. Thompson? What am I going to do for dinner? How far away from the hotel can I walk before I freeze my butt off? ).  My thoughts were interrupted when Continue reading “Strangers & Sparks at Stecchino Bistro” »