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Your Neighbors, the Boston Heroes

According to behavioral scientists, when you are under stress, you default to your natural behavior. You operate on instinct.  Thank God for that, in the wake of the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon last month.

boston-marathonMost of us have witnessed video of the explosions near the finish line, the initial confusion of the crowds, and then the panicked flight of people from the site.  But there were some images that seemed incongruous. Uniformed police officers disregarded danger to evacuate people and ensure access to the area by emergency personnel. Medical professionals immediately rushed into the area to provide aid. I saw a video of men from the Massachusetts National Guard, who had covered the entire 26 miles in uniform, and with full packs, removing barriers and escorting people to safety. Marathon officials in bright yellow windbreakers stayed in the street to escort confused runners and dazed bystanders to safety. Continue reading “Your Neighbors, the Boston Heroes” »