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That Guy in the Mirror

A good example has twice the value of good advice.  – Author Unknown


adviceWhen my kids were young, I bought a basketball hoop for the driveway. Unfortunately, it required some assembly, so I knew I was in for a little adventure… and a little drama.  Tools laugh at me when they see me approach.

I was just starting the project when my six-year-old son, Kevin, approached me.

“Can I help?” he asked. Continue reading “That Guy in the Mirror” »

Urgency… Without the Crisis

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  - Mahatma Gandhi


Steve JobsIn recent years, there have been books, blogs and videos encouraging us to seize the day and follow our hearts / dreams/ passions, by people whose lives were marked with impending death. I think we need to hit the pause button and take the advice to heart. Today. And repeatedly. Continue reading “Urgency… Without the Crisis” »

Everyone Has a Story

For most of us, our daily exchanges with casual acquaintances and strangers are pretty lame.

You know: “How are you?” “Fine.” “ Glad to hear it.” End of conversation.

Perfunctory.  The words just come out.

Sometimes, we don’t want to be rude, but we try to avoid the conversation altogether.  After all, it could be a colossal waste of your time.  Or the person might be Continue reading “Everyone Has a Story” »

Seeing It Through Their Eyes

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.  – Mark Van Doren

 Have you ever noticed that sometimes your greatest lessons come from the least likely sources?

InfluenceTick down the list of people you’d expect to influence your personal compass and shape the lens through which you look at the world. Your parents? How about a Pastor or Rabbi? A special coach? Maybe a college professor? There has to be a close friend or two, right?  Those roles would make sense – after all, they’re the people who are supposed to be guiding us, for good or for bad.  Now think about the people who have actually had the greatest impact on you. Any surprises? Continue reading “Seeing It Through Their Eyes” »

Following the Blind Lady Through the Brick Wall

Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want something badly enough. They are there to keep out the other people. – Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Like most people my age, my body reminds me occasionally, that yes, I am 50+ years old.  Last year, I had a neurosurgeon look at the four herniated disks in my neck tell me my MRI looked like that of a 75 year old… who’d been in an accident.  Like a good, near- Octogenarian, I promptly ignored him.  Despite some wear and tear on the body, I’m still 22 years old in my mind.  In my fantasy world, I can still make hearts melt, shut down anyone alive on the basketball court, and party as hard as anyone on South Beach. Actually none of those were ever the case, but the fantasy has remained intact all these years. That is, it had been intact until Continue reading “Following the Blind Lady Through the Brick Wall” »