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I’m a Friend of Andy’s

andy-cagnettaIf you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.

If you want to change a bad perception, involve someone with unquestioned integrity.

And if you want to impact a community, make sure the leader is charismatic, determined, and resourceful.

Or if you want to accomplish all of these things, I’d suggest you call Andy Cagnetta. Continue reading “I’m a Friend of Andy’s” »

What More Can I Do?

Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has.”  - Billy Graham

john-olearyI knew he’d be inspirational. I just didn’t know how his message would burn in the hearts of the attendees after he left the room, and how it continues to do so weeks later. I guess I wasn’t the first one to underestimate John O’Leary.

As a nine year old kid in St. Louis in the late 80’s John was involved in a horrific accident when a five gallon can of gasoline blew up in his hands. John was blasted twenty feet across his garage and burned on 100% of his body. He was given less than a one percent chance to survive.   Continue reading “What More Can I Do?” »

Your Neighbors, the Boston Heroes

According to behavioral scientists, when you are under stress, you default to your natural behavior. You operate on instinct.  Thank God for that, in the wake of the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon last month.

boston-marathonMost of us have witnessed video of the explosions near the finish line, the initial confusion of the crowds, and then the panicked flight of people from the site.  But there were some images that seemed incongruous. Uniformed police officers disregarded danger to evacuate people and ensure access to the area by emergency personnel. Medical professionals immediately rushed into the area to provide aid. I saw a video of men from the Massachusetts National Guard, who had covered the entire 26 miles in uniform, and with full packs, removing barriers and escorting people to safety. Marathon officials in bright yellow windbreakers stayed in the street to escort confused runners and dazed bystanders to safety. Continue reading “Your Neighbors, the Boston Heroes” »

Now It’s Our Turn

Occasionally you run into someone who helps draw out of you a better version of yourself. You cherish your interactions with them, and sometimes take for granted your next opportunity to be uplifted by them. It makes their passing all the more painful, and the profound impact of their life all the more poignant. Continue reading “Now It’s Our Turn” »