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Loving My Life – Like a 14 Year Old Kid

As a Vistage Chair, I get the opportunity to work with people who are trying to get better every day. I cherish the role, because I’m such a work in progress myself. Been there, screwed it up, learned a lesson. I continue to look for positive examples and people who can make me a better me.  One of the role models who helps shape me as a person and a parent is fourteen years old. At least he was forty years ago. Continue reading “Loving My Life – Like a 14 Year Old Kid” »

Twin Sons of Different Mothers

One man lives in a winter paradise.  The other lives in a tropical playground. One man is a bundle of energy and emotion at work.  The other is soft-spoken and stoic.  They took dramatically different roads to get where they are. But when you look at their passions and their impact on people, the similarities are remarkable.  Steve and Steve. They’re twin sons of different mothers. Continue reading “Twin Sons of Different Mothers” »

But He Looks So Ordinary…

Making a difference in other people’s lives – now there’s a noble pursuit. Unfortunately, most of us reserve our “make-a-difference” efforts for our spare time.  When it’s convenient.  When we can muster the energy.  But what if you made it your life’s pWilliam Wallaceassion?

Then you might discover that when all is said and done, your own life is blessed.  Beyond measure. Like Tom Hill’s has been.

If you read Tom’s resume, he sounds larger than life. It reminds me of the exchange in Braveheart, when Continue reading “But He Looks So Ordinary…” »

Seeing It Through Their Eyes

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.  – Mark Van Doren

 Have you ever noticed that sometimes your greatest lessons come from the least likely sources?

InfluenceTick down the list of people you’d expect to influence your personal compass and shape the lens through which you look at the world. Your parents? How about a Pastor or Rabbi? A special coach? Maybe a college professor? There has to be a close friend or two, right?  Those roles would make sense – after all, they’re the people who are supposed to be guiding us, for good or for bad.  Now think about the people who have actually had the greatest impact on you. Any surprises? Continue reading “Seeing It Through Their Eyes” »